“Grace is the breath of God – an invisible essence beyond intellect that moves swiftly amongst us. 

It is not only possible to become a living conduit of this powerful force, grace is immediately accessible to us along with the courage to follow divine guidance.”                                                                                             Caroline Myss

Grace is not a word or a concept that any religious group owns. True to its generous nature it is shared among many. 

Grace is core to the Christian religion, especially in the New Testament and is part of the Muslim belief that Allah is all-merciful and all-compassionate. You will also find Grace in specific schools of Buddhism. For example in Won Buddhism, the founder Sotaesan describes Grace as the interdependence and interconnectedness of everything. Grace is about showing respect for all and realizing our indebtedness to all. 

Grace holds possibility and gives us hope. Living in Grace requires a connection with all that is, the universe, God, the cosmos and to be open for guidance. Grace cultivates the universal unconditional love that can transform anything. 

Receiving Grace comes with responsibility. In her book Defying Gravity, Caroline Myss said: Grace never punishes; it always directs us to awaken. We make choices and choices have consequences."

May we have the courage to live in Grace more and more, every day!

Are you keen to share and collaborate on the journey to more grace? 

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