In October 2022 I dared to throw my hat over the fence, opting to explore what would move me from survival to thriving.

Up to that point, I spent many years and a considerable amount of money on personal development. In between living and trying to find purpose in a career, I consulted many books, workshops, retreats, and journeys, I spent time on a therapy couch, and more. It helped me understand myself and the world a bit better and to survive. I wanted more. 

Therefore the leap of faith, the hopeful journey to discover how I could best use my talents and experience to make a positive impact in this world. 

Along the way, I added Certified Energy Codes Facilitator to my qualifications and experience, and am in the process of becoming a Body Awake yoga teacher. 

As I left my corporate job, I enrolled in a 10-day Vipassana retreat. It made me realise the extent to which I live in my mind and not in my body. Practicing the Energy Codes daily is starting to change that and I am learning to hold space for others to weave together the roles of the breath, body and mind. To live in Grace from a soul that is embodied.

I agree with Izaak Walton who said “Good company on a journey makes the way seem shorter.” Come, walk with me!

Freda is a qualified Energy Codes Facilitator and Life Coach.